Refund Policy

A good result

No one wants an argument. Sometimes it can just be a misunderstanding about what the product can do. In any case If we are the people you bought the product from we will do our best to help you resolve the problem.

When am I entitled to a refund, repair or exchange?

As a consumer, you are legally entitled to a refund, exchange or repair from the place of purchase if goods you purchase: 1. have a fault you did not know about when you bought it 2. are not the same as the seller or advertisement described 3. don’t do the job you were led to believe they would 4. don’t match the sample 5. don’t last a reasonable amount of time, given the price you paid. If you receive a service that is not of a standard that a reasonable person would expect, you are entitled to a refund or free repeat service. If you partially use or benefit from the goods or service before a fault or problem develops, we are entitled to negotiate with you for a partial refund or other compensation.

When am I not entitled to a refund, repair or exchange?

You are not entitled to a refund from the place of purchase if you: 1. cannot prove you purchased the item (for example, by using a receipt or bank statement that shows the purchase) from the store 2. realise you can't afford the goods 3. change your mind about the goods, such as choosing the wrong item or finding the item cheaper elsewhere 4. insisted that we do the service despite their warning that it may not meet your needs 5. took action that voided or damaged the outcomes produced by the service 6. have damaged the goods you bought 7. knew (or should have known) about a fault when you bought the goods. We may offer refunds in some of these circumstances as a sign of goodwill, though the law does not require us to do so.

Refund methods

In most cases, we will refund in the same way you paid. A cash refund will only be given if you did pay cash. Electronic transactions are usually reversed. We may offer replacement items, exchanges or credit notes instead of refund by cash, cheque or reversing an electronic transaction. If you are legally entitled to a refund, you may insist on a refund if this is your preference. If we are the business that you bought the product from we will do our best to help you resolve the problem. We will attempt to organise an exchange, repair or other deal with the manufacturer on your behalf. The decision of an exchange, refund or repair should be mutually agreed to. In cases where there is a longer than usual manufacturers warranty (usually in excess of one year) you may be referred to the manufacturer.

Restocking fee

If we are offering a refund or exchange out of goodwill only (when you are not legally entitled to a refund), we may place conditions on the refund or exchange, such as a restocking fee. Such conditions or fees are to cover costs, shipping or repackaging . You do have the right to pursue the manufacturer if we cannot help.